Tampere United and Feeds

Well, another season for my favourite football team, Tampere United.Tampere United Logo

Perhaps this season is better than the last one and we once again make it to international games! (And make it to top-4 in Finland)


Tampereunited.com still lacks all feeds.
No Feeds.

I made a feed for Tampere United  already last season (news and such). You can find it here (made with Feed43.) (direct URL: http://www.feed43.com/tampereunited.xml).

Now, Antti Pohja, my favourite footballer, blogs at TamU.

Again, no feed. No comments. Blog? IMHO, no.


Made a feed for Ato’s blog (“Pohjalliset”, get the pun? Thee hee), too. You can find Pohjalliset-feed here (direct URL http://www.feed43.com/pohjalliset_tamu.xml).

Again the same applies as last time – I will gladly remove these unofficial feeds when TamU provides me with their own ones.

Don’t think that will happen any time soon.

Enter the Tampere United feed

I wrote earlier about feed43.com and making custom feeds from pages (without feeds).

I also wrote about Tampere United’s redesign. Well yeah, site sucks almost as much as the team this season, but that’s a whole different matter altogether.

Anyway, got annoyed at last by the crappy news-section and decided to make a feed for United, too.

Feel free to use it!

(Direct url: http://feed43.com/tampereunited.xml)