.htaccess and WordPress 2.5.

Working with WordPress is at best very, very rewarding. At worst it’s a total nightmare.

As it was now.

Ok, I installed the most recent version of WordPress, 2.5.1. Upgraded, downloaded some themes, installed stuff, fetched some content from my old blog.

Then, unfortunately, I stumbled head first on the pretty permalinks. Yeah, yeah, woe the vanity.

Anyway, I ran to “Settings” of my little sweet blog, tried to find the old spot. Wasn’t there.

Spotted it. Put on the fancy url’s. Then, BOOM!

Surprise, surprise, it didn’t work.

Luckily this was not the first time, so I went in search of the infamous .htaccess -file. Didn’f find it, ’cause WordPress wrote it in the wrong directory. Set the permissions on my ftp-client to show all. Searched again.

Hey, there it was! In the wrong fucking directory. How nice.

Copied it, deleted the .htaccess. Everything back to normal?

Yep, for a while.

Then, again, the same thing. “Error 404” (followed and preceded by some Internal Server Errors), which is always nice to see. So, another iteration, this time writing an empty .htaccess to that wrong directory and setting it’s write permissions to another mode.

Now it should be working.

2 thoughts on “.htaccess and WordPress 2.5.

  1. Okay, I give up… where IS it? I don’t have a single .htaccess file in any single folder in the entire 2.5.1 download.


  2. That’s actually one of the nice parts (not) – there’s no .htaccess in the new installation!

    If the write permissions on your server are fine, you should be able to generate it at dashboard, otherwise I’ve made one up (empty one!) in some text editor and uploaded it to server… If the latter, just remember that the name of the file is .htaccess (makes things “a bit difficult” at Windows) – I usually just create a file, upload it and then rename it.

    Everything is a bit nicer if you have shell connection to your web server – but that’s a whole different case;)

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