Playing With Google Maps (part 1, sadly)

As some people may know, I’ve been interested in Google Maps for quite a while already.

I can see almost endless possibilities when it comes to combining data with location information. Oh all the mashups! (You may get a pretty good idea about Google maps mashups from Google Maps Mania or Mashable).

I’m also an enthusiastic WordPress user and as suchwould very much like to combine these two, thank you.

During the last years I’ve tried several WordPress plugins for Google maps (inlucuding this one) but they just didn’t do what I wanted them to do. Either they were a) too small scaled for my needs b) too hard to use or c) just plain bad.

Today I installed yet another WordPress Maps plugin.

First impressions? Well yeah, pretty ok.

In every post there’s now a new content box, “Google Maps for WordPress” where I can type location name, address and description (plus map measures), then press “send map to editor”.  Let’s try it with this post!

Yeah, I’ll type “Sonecta”, address “Hermiankatu 8, Tampere” and desc “Sonecta HQ” and press “send” -button. Voila, what happens?


Another try, with map width and height.


Quick save  if something went wrong there – boom, everything I typed at map box is gone. Sweet.

Another try. Nothing.

Well, let’s hope it works when I save and publish this one..

Perhaps this version of WP is not supported? Don’t know. Perhaps I’ll try it again. Or not.

Anyway, what I wanted to do in the first place was to provide users a way to tag events or something else on a Google Map. That I can certainly provide in other ways, but would be nice to do it with WordPress.

Perhaps some day…

I’ll continue babbling about Google maps quite soon.

4 thoughts on “Playing With Google Maps (part 1, sadly)

  1. Hi Ilkka,

    i just wrote one plugin to play with Google Maps. I don’t know if it will fit your needs, but you can, perhaps, have a try on it 😉 and give me some feedback. I’ll do my best to simplify the process to embed Google maps but i don’t know if it’s enough. It’s too fresh now and i haven’t yet any return on it.



  2. Hi Pierre!

    Have to check that one out, too, thanks!

    I have some problematic needs (like always;)) – but a working and simple plugin will be really nice!

  3. I can’t see any map in this page.

    I understand your frustration. Remember that Google Maps is an API, not exactly an application. The is an application that uses the Google Maps API.

    If you need such specific functionality, you may consider writing your own application either integrated or not with your blog (a.k.a. WordPress plugin 🙂

  4. Hi Avi!

    Good points, Google Maps is indeed only an API. I’m looking for something more than the API, that I know.

    Have considered writing my own plugin or service – will do that when (if ever!) I have the time…

    What I really liked about your plugin is that it really works;) My thanks for that!

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