Doodlings and WordPress 2.5 Gallery Feature.

As some may already know, I doodle. A lot.

Posted some doodlings to “art?” -section of this blog while I wanted to test the new gallery feature of WordPress 2.5 (some info) .

First impressions after the break…

Well, ok. Quite nice a feature.

Saw the Screencast from Matt demoing the feature. thought it’s cool. Tried to implement it at art?-page. There wasn’t that much help available, as I tried first to include the images from the original location.

  • Put in the pics with “add media” –> “Choose File” –> “From URL“.
  • Typed the shorthand code gallery (in brackets, don’t feel like escaping them atm).
  • Nothing happens… Ok, have to upload the pictures (or so I think at the moment.)
  • Download the pics from original location, upload them with the add media function. Select the Gallery and insert the gallery in to page. Voila! There it is, but twice (’cause I typed it already once).
  • Remove the first (automatically inserted code, save (publish)and there it is.

All in all, quite nice and simple. Will use it in future, too.