Opera Mini 4.1 (or my mobile browsing, revisited)

As some may know, I’m a big fan of Opera Mini, perhaps the best mobile browser (imho).

I first installed Opera Mini 3, I think. That was way back when my phone was Nokia 6125. It was good, although had some annoying features. Upgraded to 4, better! Although 6125 is not by definition a smart phone, my phone got a lot smarter.

Anyway, now my phone is Nokia N82 (there be flash, beware!)and the browser?

Yep, Opera Mini. It’s fast, reliable and comfortable. Ok, lacks some nifty Symbian OS native features, but still. It’s my choice.

Now, the version 4.1. Tested the beta version for a while, was quite happy with it. ThenĀ  the memory cardĀ  broke, had to install everything again and didn’t have the time to get the beta. Installed the stable version. Disappointment was great.

Now, fortunately, the features I so much loved are back:

  • it should be faster (don’t know about the 50 %, though)
  • You can find text in a web page
  • URLs are auto-completed (nice!)
  • Downloading and uploading works…
  • and you can save pages for off-line viewing.

(Source: http://www.operamini.com/features/)

Perhaps more later…