Wonderful Use of Meta-Refresh

Small sample of wonderful use of Meta-refresh, as seen live at 24th May, 2009.


<META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh"CONTENT="0;URL=http://www.diners.fi">


What can I say?

The page is naturally located at www.diners.fi. Can someone spot the mistake?

(Actual pages are at www.dinersclub.fi, although diners.fi has worked earlier. And yes, I did check that they should be the same thing:

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Verkkotunnus diners.fi
Tila Myönnetty
Haettu / Myönnetty 1.1.1991
Voimassaoloaika päättyy 31.08.2009 00:00:00
Vapautuu haettavaksi 30.11.2009 00:00:00

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Y-tunnus/yhdistysrekisterinumero 05328523
Yrityksen/yhteisön nimi Diners Club Finland Oy


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