links for 2009-05-25

  • "Even though applying for a freelance job online is fast, it doesn’t mean it’s easy. You need to consider several issues before rushing your application for a prospective project"
    (tags: job online tips)
  • "Many people have not had the opportunity to see someone use a refreshable Braille device to access the web. I recently videoed Bruce Maguire describing how he uses the internet with a refreshable Braille display. He also demonstrates finding a book on the Amazon site. Transcript of the video is at the end of this document."
  • "API-karttasivuille on ollut jo suunnilleen vuoden ajan tarjolla GAdsManager-objekti, jonka on luvattu tuovan mainosnuppineuloja ja niiden kautta klikkituloja. Jostain syystä kyseisiä mainosnuppineuloja ei juuri kukaan ole nähnyt ja vielä harvempi saanut klikkituloja.

    Nyt Google tavallaan pakitti tekniikassa ja otti käyttöön brutaalin mainosikkunan kartan päälle. Heti tuli kehuja kentältä. Nyt näkyy klikkituloja."

  • "I wasn't affected by last weeks Facebook phishing scam, but it seems like another one is underway right now. I've been getting some messages on my Facebook account with the subject "Look at this" and "wwww whiteflash be" as the message body. The site looks like a Facebook log-in page, and is designed to steal your credentials and use them to send similar messages to all your friends."
  • "Facebook has increased the size limit on photo albums from 60 to 200, thanks to a new storage system dubbed Haystack. The jump in storage capacity was a necessity for many users, as Facebook is the largest photo-sharing site on the Web."