What Irks Me About “Miehen treenikirja” (or what I personally believe sells good content)

Mr Alexander Stubb, the Finnish foreign minister, published a book about physical training and keeping oneself fit (“Miehen treenikirja“).

Mr Stubb is an enthusiastic runner, skier, duathlonist, triathlonist and so on as well as a top-level politician.

Well, fine. Great.

I do think that it’s great that a politician does something else than sits at meetings, too.

Now, the book, “Miehen treenikirja” (with Ilkka Järvimäki).
A book “that motivates a man to move and take care of both physical and mental well-being”.

Yes, I’m tempted to buy it. Really tempted.


What irks me is the price. 36,40 eur for a paperback, only 157 pages?


What irks me more is the web shop for the book. Done with frames, no proper titles for pages etc.

Again I say it: this is 2009 for god’s sake! If you want to sell something, stick to what you know how to do!
Don’t use frames (unless you know how to use them!), don’t use flash for content (unless you’re making a game/superfancy fashion site (or something like that) and know how to use it!)

Think about the price, set it to something that sells. (Well, I think Mr Stubb is going to sell his book whatever the price is, so no worries. I personally won’t buy it at this price but then again, I’m a cheap bastard.)

Try something new, like the author of “Droid Maker”.

Miehen treenikirja has the content I want but it certainly hasn’t got the means to sell it to me.

Well, it’s good we still have the public libraries in Finland;)