WordPress and auto-updates (or how I began to respect quota once again)

Long time no see!

My WordPress-installation has mostly been auto-updating itself for the last six months. Except when it didn’t.

Something came up at the of December, auto updates didn’t go through. Had a look on the installation. Had a look on the file permissions. Had a look on the DB.
Nothing seemed to be wrong.

Oh well, that’s life. Had other things to do.

The other day wanted to write a short blog about profile pictures (will do that, hmm, this week?) in social media. Got in, started writing, text typed¬†in the editor was white. WTF? Bit hard to read when it’s white on white.

Googled around, was not the only one. Alas, didn’t once again have time to do anything for the issue, just closed the editor and swallowed my pride.

Today I went for the manual updating of WordPress, nowadays usually imo a bad, bad idea.

Uploaded the files, tried to run the update page. Whoa!

At first, the ABSPATH-problem. Solved that. (Problem with wpconfig or something..)
Then, another issue:
“Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_enqueue_style() wp-admin/update-core.php”


What now?
Re-installation. Didn’t work.
File permissions.
Didn’t work.

Google, google, google away!

And finally, a sidenote in some help article: “.. was caused by insufficient disk quota“.

And yes, there it was, the solution. I had ran out of disk quota. How can that be?
A quick look at the server, found the culprit, my ancient personal site was still there, just taking up space. RM did the trick and yes, everything works!

A few things I wonder:

  • why doesn’t WordPress provide better error messages? (Yeah, yeah, can’t get everything.)
  • How difficult is it to do even small things when you’re busy? (Too damn hard.)


  • Always check the disk quota. Always. (Easier than checking everything else as I did.)