Firefox 3 and mouse gestures (general whining and Fangs!).

As I’m always eager to be accepted in a gang (any gang?), I did my part of the hype. Downloaded Firefox 3.

First impressions? Not that good as two thirds of my extensions stopped working.

Second impression? Pretty good. I’ll go with this version, any time.

Anyway, mouse gestures.

“In computing, a mouse gesture is a way of combining computer mouse movements and clicks which the software recognizes as a specific command.
— Wikipedia,”

I truly love my mouse gestures, have ever since I first bumped on them on some ancient version of Opera. Now, in Firefox, there’s as far as I know no native mouse gestures implemented. May be wrong, anyway.

I used to use the infamous “All-in-one mouse gestures” -plugin, but as paradise began (FF 3), it didn’t quite make the upgrade with the browser. Which is not nice.

A friend of mine (thanks F!) gave me a tip ’bout (Mouse Gestures Redox). Now I’m a happy camper, again!

Entensions and versions in Firefox have been somehow problematic combination since beginning of the browser and sadly still are. For example, My favourite accessibility extension, Fangs, has been a major pain in the ass with the compatibility issues for many years. And yes, still is. No Fangs for Ilkka, again! (I highly recommend Fangs for web developers – makes making things a bit accessible easier. What is it then? I quote: “creates a textual representation of a web page similar to how the page would be read by a modern screen reader.“)

Hope in the future the problem persists no more. Please!